Pipe, fitting & Walves

Pipes & Fittings Duplex, Super Stainless steel, Monel,Stainless steel, Carbon steel , Alloy size range ¼ in to 84inch Valves: DUPLEX, SS,CS,LCC,CF8M,CF3M,321, Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Mov, Plug, Butterfly Needle & Safety, size range ¼ to 30 inches, Bronze Valves size range ¼ to 10 inches.

Hardware Tools & Safety Equipments

All types of Industrial Tools (Stanley, Bailey, Proto), Cutting & Grinding Discs (SS & Metal) Industrial Gloves, safety Helmets, Safety Goggles, Coverall, Welding Helmets, Full Face Visor, Welding accessories etc.

Building Materials

All types of Steel viz: Deformed Bars, MS Plain Bars, Angle Iron, Channels, I-Beam, H-Beam, Carbon Steel Plates, Corrugated Sheets and Timber etc. Ductile Iron Pipes/Fittings, Conduit Pipes, Uninstructed Channels & Clamps, Pipe Supporting Materials etc.


All types of Pressure Gauges, pressure Differential Transmitters, Temperature Indicators, Flow Meters, Thermo wells, Thermocouples, Needle valves, Manifolds, Tubing & Fittings etc.

Electrical Equipments

All Types of Control Cables, Welding Cables, Switches, Transformers, Motors, Explosion & Flame Proof Electrical Fittings, Lights, Junction Boxes etc.

Heavy Equipment

Fork-lift, Cranes, Trailer, Flat-bed and Trucks, Water Tanker, Loader, Boom truck etc.

Stud Bolts

Stainless B8 ,B8M & Carbon steel Stud bolts B7/2H/L7, Stud Bolts Teflon coated, and Machine Bolts etc.


Non-Asbestos, Graf oil, Stainless Steel Spiral wound & Teflon etc.