Lima Petroleum Services (W.L.L)

Lima Petroleum Services (W.L.L) was established in 2001, with an acquisition (Awwad Al-Anezi) history, which set the company’s foundation way back in 1985, under the astute leadership of owner and Managing Director Mr.M.M Mathai.

The Company has since sustained steady growth to become a leading supplier of equipment, materials and services, for allied up and downstream sectors of the oil industry, in Kuwait. In keeping with the company’s policy, only established manufacturers of repute are sought to supply the high standards of quality and precision, in compliance with safety and specification standards approved by the industry. At LPS we understand technology and scale of economics are the main factors influencing the prudent decision of the end-user.

At LPS, customer service and satisfaction is of prime importance, our warehouse at Ahmadi and equipment yard at Mina Abdullah are continually replenished, with ready stock for various equipment and materials. Our loyal customers have demanded in us holding stock, with quick-reaction logistics support well geared for delivery at short notice. We take particular pride in appreciation showered for these prompt services.

LPS has phased plans for future growth targeting agency development and oilfield services, in this we represent major leading companies, combining efforts to support pre-qualification with clients, solicit tenders, submit priced bids, attend pre-tender meetings, coordinate with client and consultants and, follow-up all aspects of after sales services.

At LPS we collaborate to perceive team spirit with the client, this concept and participation in critical planning achieves just-on-time scheduled logistics, meeting important operational goals. Our dedicated sales and logistics teams ensure this reliability with special emphasis on customer & service care. In this, all personnel are well qualified and experienced to recognize the customers needs, for effective communication, equipment tracking, monitoring, recording & status reporting, all essential components in the vital process to a chain of commitments in total logistics.

LPS personnel are highly focused and motivated to be aggressive in their approach to sales, marketing and overall operations. The continued support of principals and customers has proved to achieve this dedicated character, and we intend to remain so in building LPS an industry leader.

26 Offices

1000 Satisfied

126 Refineries
& Operations

35 Awards
& Recognitions

HSE Policy

Secure the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the public in addition to the safety of our assets.

No part of our operations is so important or of such high priority that it cannot be performed with safe, efficient work methods and equipment.

Every member of our work force will follow procedures consistent with applicable safety standards and constantly maintain their own personal obligation to observe safe operating procedures.


To serve our clients with utmost professionalism and supply high quality and competitive refining products which contribute to National growth & HESCO in Kuwait.


To become a leading diversified oil products supply company with most efficient operations with highly committed and competent staff.

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KNPC REGISTRATION No # 550646N, 408/2003